just another weekend

I feel really tired for some reason...even though I slept in this weekend while visiting Jeff. His room at Clark is just so freaking dark I can't tell that it's morning!!

I took the train up to Worcester after I got out of classes on Friday. I feel like we did something that night but I can't really remember so it must not be that significant.

Saturday started out slow-ish. A bunch of us went to a nearby "mall" (meaning a plaza) to browse and then ate at Red Robin's. It was alright. I had a cheeseburger - and so did everyone else, but in variations. After we went back to Clark and everyone was getting ready for a dance that was happening.

Sooooo then we went over someone's apartment and started "pre-gaming". And then we moved to another suite after a while...and then we finally went to the dance. The theme was "geek" so everyone was wearing plaid shirts, sweaters, suspenders, and of course the geeky glasses. It was so freaking hot where everyone was dancing...SERIOUSLY. Your glasses would smog up when you entered and within a minute you are drenched in sweat. Legit.

But yeah it was alright. Today I woke up late again (haha) and I had lunch with Jeff at our usual Vietnamese restaurant in Worcester. Then I waited for the Greyhound bus back to Boston and took the T back to BU.

Now it's late(ish) and I'll just be watching the Video Music Awards for the rest of the night.


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  1. HAHA that dance party sounds so funny. I can just imagine it !


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