first day

Phew! I am officially done with my first day of classes. It wasn't so bad. I only had three of my classes today - Japanese, US History, & Statistics.

My Japanese class was the smallest of the three. My professor seemed nice, but she kept talking in Japanese even though we didn't know what she was saying...but we did learn some greetings that I should practice. I have a bad memory.

US History was in a lecture hall, so there were probably more than a 100 of us. I forget when I have the smaller discussion class for that. It's the same for my statistics class. I think my professor said there were like 125 of us. He has a Armenian accent so it was a little hard understanding him sometimes.

It's kind of annoying that I live on the other side of campus than where my classes are. I guess the exercise is good though. But it's really hot!

Tomorrow I only have my writing class. That's the one I'm kind of nervous for...


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  1. Wow there's sooo many people in your classes !! My classes have around 30 people xD

  2. So exciting! Bring back lessons of Japanese for me :D haha


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