Hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's Day! It's just another day to me, honestly, so Jeff and I just celebrated it as so. Woke up late (as usual) and headed to the mall cause that's just what we do. Sipped on a mango smoothie while browsing stores; Jeff bought me a new purse and mascara. We had dinner at Metro Grill, where Jeff got the huge ass rib-eye that we had on our last anniversary. I wish I could have eaten a steak but my teeth are in pain and I can't chew...so I just had some mashed potatoes...mac & cheese...it's like getting my wisdom teeth pulled all over again!

On our way back to Jeff's college we went in one of those auto car washes, which was a fun experience. I kept thinking about Final Destination when that girl almost died but it wasn't even like that....? I scrambled back to his dorm room to do sociology homework while suffering with a headache but then I re-read the syllabus and found out it wasn't mandatory. OMG. Then I withered in pain while watching Gossip Girl.

Jeff started freaking out because his limited edition copy of some video game (Capcom VS Marvel?) didn't pull through so he started calling all these places to see if they had it. Turns out limited edition was only for pre-orders so we just ended up going to the nearby Wal-Mart to get a regular copy at midnight. Now we're back in his dorm room, where his roommate ran back from his girlfriend's to play together. Oh boys.

Happy Valentine's Day?


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