the end of the weekend

The morning started out quite shitty cause I woke up late for my Japanese class and missed the quiz I actually studied for. But on the bright side, I finally returned my old key and got the permanent one to my new dorm. Photos soon, perhaps. Visited Clark for the weekend yet again, and Jeff & I stopped by the "Red Light, Green Light" Dance. I always hate the music they play...so we left like 10 minutes in and ended up sitting in the bistro chatting with his friends.

The suite that Jeff lives in had their holiday party this day. Just got ready for it the whole day, I guess. It was a good party (for once!) but then...BUSTED. Yes, for reals this time. Normally, the RA would just give a warning, but the one on duty was a total bitch and came in with two cops & the head housing lady. I dodged getting in trouble (and really, me, in trouble?) but everyone had to leave and they took all the booze. So everyone went their separate ways. Jeff and I went to chill/talk with people, and then spent the rest of the night singing karaoke in his room before passing out.

Jeff drove me back to Boston and we had pho for lunch. It had been a while! I'm like still full from it...haha. Then we quickly stopped by Newbury so he could get a gift for his suite-mate's birthday. Then, back home and watched football & 10,000 B.C. Also stopped by Target and got a caramel brulee latte from Starbucks <3 He finally got to see my new dorm and now I'm left to do homework.

Noooooo. It's the last week of classes.
This semester isn't looking too good for me.


photo - the cobra snake

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