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Christmas is my favorite holiday because you give & get presents. I never ask for anything from anyone because I love surprises. So I guess it's my fault if I get something I don't really like. This year wasn't shabby, even with the crashing economy. Here's what I received from friends & family:

Hello Kitty holiday ornament [from my cousins]
My younger cousins live downstairs from me, but we don't really know each other that well. They just know I like Hello Kitty and get me something Kitty-esque each present-giving event. I'll have to wait until next year to hang it up~

Hello Kitty "Hello 2009!" calendar [from my younger sister]
I like calendars and I like Hello Kitty. So here's a good gift, haha. My younger sister says this was only supposed to be part of my gift, but she didn't know what else to get me. Am I really that hard to shop for?

North Face "Denali Thermal" gloves [from my boyfriend]
I actually opened this gift a little early because I was itching to unwrap something. Jeff [my bf] told me to go ahead, since I could use it. I've been needing gloves to keep my hands from freezing. He's so thoughtful~

The OC Season 1 Box Set [also from Jeff] Yes my collection is now complete!! The OC was my one & only favorite show I had. I was quite sad when it was canceled. But now I can fully revisit Orange County. I don't know why I had seasons 2, 3 and 4 but not the first.

American Apparel "City Print Baby Rib Cut Out" tee [from my friend Jessica] AA is becoming one of my favorite stores to shop at for basics and such. I'm not sure about this tee though! I like the print with all the cities on it [BOSTON!] but it's kinda awkward to wear. From the site, I found that it's supposed to be folded at the shoulders a certain way. We'll see if I can make it work...

Hollister Co. floral camisole [also from my friend Jessica] I don't care for Hollister as much as I used to - kinda over my prep phase that's been ongoing in high school. But I'll make an exception for some of their things, whatever that doesn't say HOLLISTER printed on it and is fairly cute. This cami's not too bad. It'll be something I'll wear in the summer.

Sephora "The Lash Stash 2" [from my older sister] I love my sisters, and my older one really knows me well in terms of gifts. If I could only wear one cosmetic product for the rest of my life, it'd be MASCARA!! I just love applying it and watching my lashes grow, haha. I'm going to try all of these and decide which one is worthy of replacing my absolute favorite DIOR SHOW.

So Low "Jersey Foldover Pant with Contrast Waistband" [also from my older sister] Did I mention I love my sister? I actually nearly bought these because I've been wanting new sweatpants. Thank you Judy~

Gilly Hicks sweatpants [from my mom] Yeah I like sweatpants. They're soooo comfy and soft. I like the smell of Gilly Hicks too. Oh no, I better not get into shopping preppy again.

Mini pink Christmas tree [from my friend Rachel]
We did "Secret Santa" between my friends this year and she got me this pink tree!! I'm always obsessing about how I like those fake trees in various colors (but bad for the enviornment!). I think she got it from Urban Outfitters (love that st0re!). I'm so bringing this to my college dorm next year.

Minnetonka "3-Fringe B oots" [also from JEFF] I don't know why my boyfriend bought me three gifts. He's too good to me! I thought this was going to be a new handbag since he'd been looking furiously for one that I'd like. But much to my surprise, I opened it and found these boots! I was skeptical at first because I'd always been one to shy away from wearing things that aren't boring. Haha. But I tried them on and I loveeee them. I've been wearing them nonstop to break them in. I love you Jeff :]

I also gots lots of red envelopes [$] from family members that don't know what to get me. Shopping anyone?

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