coming to a close

Winter break is nearly coming to an end. Did Christmas, New Year's, and my 20th birthday pass by just like that?! It would seem so. Mainly all I have been doing is work, sleep, and go online. Occasionally I'll go shopping on my days off. I'm nervous for the new semester to start. A lot of it is because I'm not completely sure what I'm doing. I don't get why people are so excited to go back to school. Well, I do know, because all their friends are there and they get to engage in college life fun. But I have everything I want right here, so I guess that's why I don't.

I've been neglecting this blog...but I'm trying to distinguish the way I blog on Tumblr from Blogger. Cause I don't want them to be the same!

I still need to do my Christmas & birthday gift haul posts!


photo - nasty gal

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